What to Look for in a Reliable Architect in Croydon

When you plan on building a new house or doing some renovations to the existing one, you are in dire need of an architect. On this journey, a perfect architect can be your best friend. A good architect is well aware of the engineering principalities as well as has a vision of turning art into reality. Another aspect you need to consider is reliability. Make sure your architect is reliable in order to make sure that everything will go right as per the plan.

Apart from the skills and reliability, there are some other factors to consider when you are looking for a reliable architect in Croydon. As there are a number of firms where you can find architects, you should not choose any one in just a single call or meeting. The significant factors to keep in mind while choosing are:

Experience and accreditations

Experience makes a person professional and capable. In order to have an idea about the capabilities and proficiency of the architect, get to know their years of experience. More experience means more skills, while less experience can mean work that is not up to the mark.

Accreditations are another way that help you know more about the experience and history of the architect. Mostly, the accreditations are displayed in offices. If you do not see them around, you can ask for them. If you are not provided one upon asking, the architect might not be accredited at all. That puts a question mark on his experience and reliability.

Also, you can check up with building regulations in Croydon regarding the legality of the firm or an independent architect.

Plans and Offers

Look into the payment plans and offers an architect has to make. Different offers include different spectra of the building project that will be covered. It will let you know whether the architect is going to stay with you only until the map is drawn. He might also stay until the end in order to check if the construction is going right according to the plan.

Also, do look into their previous projects and works to see what they have to offer.

Communication and availability

Another factor to consider is whether he has professional communication skills or not. It helps you identify whether the architect is interested in listening to you and plan together, or he wants his plans to dominate over yours.

Availability is an important requirement. Your architect must be available whenever you need them for advice or guidance. That’s what responsible and reliable architects do! They are available for their clients anytime.


Last but not the least, cost is a considerable element. To make sure you are not being overcharged, visit various firms and different independent architects. As the cost varies in Croydon, you will have a good idea after visiting some.

So, these are the topmost factors you need to look for in a reliable architect in Croydon!