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4 Different Types of Architect Projects

Architects work on different projects in different areas. They can vary from an apartment, a house, a mansion to a public building such as an educational institute, a hospital, a shopping mall or any other commercial building. Architecture take different forms and that depends on the nature and scale of the project.

Some architectures are generalists and can work in all the domains while others are specialists in some specific domain. In case of architecture firms, they might have different architects from different types of architect projects. There can be a great number of architect projects but they can fit in 4 main types.

Following is a brief description of each of them:

Residential Projects

Residential projects focus on the construction of private dwellings and living spaces for homeowners. It includes building from the scratch as well as renovations to an already existing place. In both these cases, residential architects take the lead.

Residential projects require working closely with your private clients in order to turn their dream house plans into reality. Being a residential architect is comparatively easy as it is a small scale project. You have one or two people to stay in touch with rather than an entire team.

Being a residential architect, there is a need to stay aware with the building regulations, permitted developments and need of planning permission in the residential areas you work in. The home you are going to map out should be in accordance with all of these rules and regulations.

Commercial and Public Projects

Commercial and public projects are the second most important type of architect projects. They include the building up of shopping malls, libraries, government institutions, train stations, medical and health institutions, tourist areas, restaurants, spas, leisure clubs and what not.

These are quite large scale projects and a commercial architect has to be flexible and responsible. These commercial projects need to be well designed and focus on various prospects such as ease of the people using the place, facilities for the people through a good build design as well as satisfaction of the client and the entire team keep a check on the project.

Responsibility grows as these building define the society in socio-cultural terms. As an architect for commercial/public buildings, you need to be quite vigilant.

Industrial Projects

Industrial projects include great technical projects such as building of dams, roads, bridges and big industrial units. The scope and scale of industrial projects is even wider and larger than commercial projects respectively. An industrial architect needs to have a good knowledge of the principles of engineering. Without that, these technical projects are difficult to handle.

This is the main reason why there are specific architects for industrial projects while all the regular firms are filled with residential and commercial architects. Erecting industrial structures is a big deal. Therefore, an industrial architect is a specialist in the field. It takes years of effort and experience.


Landscape Projects

Landscape is another significant area of architecture. That’s how we come across landscape projects as a type of architecture projects.

Landscape projects focus on outdoor areas. These include parks, gardens, and public recreational spots such as golf club or horse-riding club.

As is the case with residential, commercial and industrial projects, landscape projects also differ in their scope and magnitude. They need to take into account the public needs and build accordingly. Also, landscape architects work on trees, plants and several living objects all around. The map needs to be designed accordingly.

Also, a landscape project must not go against building regulations or be in the conservation area.