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A1 Architect Croydon is a trusted and well-reputed name in Croydon. We have been serving in the field for a long time now. With years of experience, we provide exceptional services to our clients. We ensure that our clients are happy and satisfied with our services.

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No matter what stage your project is at, we are here to provide you with expert advice. We are happy to help you in getting your project completed successfully. We have a trained and expert team with specialists for each aspect of your project, which will let you go through the process conveniently.

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Planning is the fundamental and integral part of the entire process. As it lays the foundation of what’s going to happen next, it needs to be remarkable. Our designers and master architects make sure that your project is ideally planned keeping in view the modern designs and trends.

We are experts in the field and make sure there are no issue on a later date that might cause problems for you during build and construction.

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We are not only here for consultation, design and planning of the project but we also have a capable and trained team that offers you building services.

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Other Facilities

We are here to provide you with a security system, automation and access control. With us, you will be knowing right at the start how much your project is going to cost and how long will it take to complete. Moreover, our innovative services include 3D modelling for your project if you need one.

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Legal formalities

We also take care of all planning permissions, building regulations, Lawful Development Certificates as well as prior approvals. We are here to help you with all of these legal formalities so you do not have to face any problem later on.

Therefore, A1 Architect Croydon is a complete package for your utmost needs. From consultation and planning to building, we are happy to help you. We look forward to be contacted by you so we can offer our great services.